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Thoughts and behind-the-scenes stuff of Co-Op Mode.

Planning video game projects so you actually finish them

Let’s face it - games are long projects. Even a small scoped solo-dev game may take months, even years, to develop. When we’re in the thick of building, we are at constant risk of “losing the forest for the trees”, getting overwhelmed by everything left to do, and eventually quitting. Especially if you’ve had your eye on a different project idea.

by Drew Conley on January 11th, 2024

Thank you, 2023. Welcome, 2024!

2023 was wild. A few big changes in my life triggered me to finally launch this site, Co-Op Mode. I had been riffing and sketching versions of it for YEARS, pretty much ever since I started creating YouTube videos, but never had the time or flexibility to make it happen.

by Drew Conley on January 1st, 2024

Behind the Scenes of Bad Ref (GMTK 2023)

We built a game in a single weekend! While it’s been a few months since we created this project, I wanted to take you on a journey of the development of our GMTK Game Jam submission: Bad Ref.

by Drew Conley on November 1st, 2023

Debugging problems in GD Script code

Let’s look at some handy techniques for troubleshooting issues in your game’s GDScript code. Whether you are getting strange behavior, weird errors, or the game straight up isn’t doing anything, I hope this post will give you some pointers on getting to the bottom of code problems in Godot.

by Drew Conley on March 21st, 2022

Ways to get Feedback on your game dev project

You’ve been working on your game for weeks, months, maybe even years, pouring your heart and soul into it. When you’re “heads down” in the weeds of development, it’s sometimes easy to lose track of the bigger picture question: will people even like this game? Especially when you are working on the game alone.

by Drew Conley on March 21st, 2022

Learn Knockout JS Right Now

Do people still use Knockout these days? Heck yes, people do! Knockout is great.

by Drew Conley on March 21st, 2022

Should You Build an Editor?

If you are in the early days of working on a game or starting to think about working on a game, I want to help you answer the question: Should you build a dedicated editor for yourself?

by Drew Conley on March 21st, 2022

Repost: Danger Crew packaged with Electron

Let's break down the technical stack of Danger Crew. We built this game with React, then wrapped it with Electron to package for Steam.

by Drew Conley on January 2nd, 2022