Animating sprite sheets with Godot's AnimationPlayer

Drew Conley

Drew Conley

Posted on March 21st, 2022

Sprite sheets are a common asset in any 2D pixel art game. Godot’s built in AnimationPlayer node makes it fast and easy to animate characters in Godot games.

I created a few screencasts over on YouTube to demonstrate the feature and share how I approach animating characters in Godot projects. If you’re new to Godot, I hope these quick videos will help kickstart your animation productivity.

Character walking sprite sheet

Part 1: Setup and basics

In the first video, we cover the basics of getting started with AnimationPlayer:

  • Creating the initial Character
  • Sprite Sheets in Godot
  • Godot’s AnimationPlayer node
  • Changing Frame on AnimationPlayer timeline
  • Adding a hat layer to our character
  • Animating hat position as the character’s body moves
  • Toggling layers on and off, like unlockable clothing
Character with hat layer

Part 2: Other frames and timeline events

We get a little bit more advanced in the second video, with multiple facing directions and other types of animations.

  • Creating a Hat frame track
  • Other facing directions for the character
  • Using GDScript code to trigger animations
  • Non-looping animations for single interactions
  • Calling methods in code at the perfect time via the call_method timeline track.
  • Stateful detail changes to the Character sprite
  • Workflow tips for staying organized

If you have your own tips for animating characters in Godot, be sure to swing by our Discord and share your knowledge with the community.

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